Day of Ummalquwain

What is Day of?

In light of the changing experience landscape, we contribute to the prosperity of business and society by realizing new businesses and services using Information Technology. This is articulated in our Brand Message and Brand Promise.

Our Brand Message “Makes Your Day” represents the following commitments

  1. Be a partner in realizing customer needs and desires
  2. Pursue innovations towards implementing new channels to our customers
  3. Contribute to society as a company that prospers together with society
  4. To Make your day, be it our clients or customers, our service and support will be extraordinary

Our brand promise further clarifies these commitments. We are committed to implementing the following actions for our customers to make their day!

The Day Of team shares the dreams and inspirations of its customers as a partner that conceptualizes and realizes the opportunities offered by the changing landscape.

With foresight into the future needs and a profound understanding of our customers, we envision new business and services as well as the solutions to support them. We share with our customers the dreams of even greater prosperity for their business. Our goal is to realize inspirations and innovations together with our customers.